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slipped disc treatment

The Ultimate Guide to Slipped Disc Treatment

A slipped disc – known as a prolapsed or herniated plate – happens when one of the circles that sit between the bones of the spine (the vertebrae) is harmed and pushes on the nerves. In majority cases it is seen that it takes time for slipped disc to get cured. The person needs to take adequate medication, rest and gentle exercise. At times it even takes three to six weeks to recover from slipped disc.

There are number of methods for slipped disc treatment which if took after opportune and routinely can get cured rapidly and it is extremely compelling as well:

Keeping Dynamic

It is important for a person with slipped disc to remain active. In the initial stage it may b very difficult for you to move. Take rest for a couple of days in the beginning and then try to move around a bit. This will keep your back mobile and will also help you to recover for quickly. But don’t move around if you are in severe pain. See to it that whatever exercise you are doing is a gentle one and not much pressure is created on your back. The ideal exercise in a slipped disc case is swimming, because water supports your weight and also puts less stress on your joints. In the initial stage when you start moving you might feel it a bit painful, but don’t worry about it because it is normal.


As a major aspect of your slipped disc treatment you can always consult your physiotherapist. They are the trained professionals in these cases and use professional means of treatment like back rub and control. They can give you a personalized chart according to your health situation and will also help you to minimise your pain, keep you active and to prevent from any kind of further damage to your back.


At times you may be prescribed with a number of medicines to help reduce the pain of slipped disc. Some of the medications are listed as bellow:

Analgesics – are a type of pain killers which is very easily available in any pharmaceutical store. Some people are still under the notion that taking pain killers will affect their system and might even reduce the immune system, which is so not true. Taking in pain killers can help to reduce the back pain and make the pain better more quickly.

Codeine – is a higher dose of painkillers which is generally taken with paracetamol. Doctors generally tend to prescribe this medicine when other pain killers have failed to work. This has side effects like constipation.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – NSAIDS like, diclofenac, ibuprofen and naproxen helps to reduce any kind of inflammation and also relieve from pain. However, these medicines are not suitable for people suffering from hyper tension, heart failure and asthma.


In case of slipped disc treatment surgery is considered in 1 out of 10 cases. Only in cases where the patient is either having nerve problem, or difficulty in walking or standing, or there are some lapses because of previous treatments. There are a number of surgeries which can be taken to consideration in a slipped disc treatment; one of them is Open Discectomy. An Open Discectomy is a technique to evacuate part or the greater part of the slipped circle. It will be completed under analgesic (painkilling prescription). An entry point is made in your spine and the circle is uprooted.

Slipped disc is a problem which can be cured if taken proper care. With proper medicines and gentle exercise there can be a steady recovery.

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