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Heel Pain Treatment

Suffering for the sake of style!

Which woman doesn’t love heels! The pointy glittery ends that also helps you to have a taller height is something every woman has craved for at least sometime in their lives. But, the sad news is there are also certain side-effects of high heels that are in fact quite hampering to the health. Certain studies and researches have shown that these pointy towery footwear can badly affect your spine, ankles, knees and hips along with doing much more to your entire system. Check out in what ways high heels can be costly in more than just one way.

  • Affecting feet

Your feet generally plays the role of a spring loaded shock absorber helping to distribute your body’s weight evenly. They also help in cushioning your respective skeleton from those crazy and freaking amounts of pounding. Jamming these natural engineering marvels with high heels can shift quite a lot of your body mass to your feet’s balls as well as to your delicate toe bones. In fact, the higher you wear heels, the bigger can be the impact. As per a research, wearing only four inches of stilettos can actually up the pressure to around 30% thus placed on the front part of your foot,.

  • Affecting ankles and calves

When you wear high heels, your ankles generally bend forward. This movement can actually restrict circulation especially in your lower limbs. In case you are lover or a regular high heel wear, you can even suffer from spider veins.

Adding to that, prolonged walking in heels can even stiffen your respective Achilles tendons, thus further causing your calves to keep bunching up. Wearing tall pumps for a whole day can even create trouble for you to walk naturally. Lovers of stilettos can also develop chronically shortened and taut calf tendons and ankles thus making walking quite a lot painful, even in flats.

  • Affecting knees

As we all know, knee, the pro-shock absorber thus present in our body is the largest human joint. Its primary purpose is to take licking; however frequent usage of high heels can actually add an extra stress, especially on the inner sides of your knees, thus resulting to fast-tracking the wear and tear, which can further lead to osteoporosis.

  • Affecting back

Sashaying around in your heels also requires you to unnaturally sway your spine. This unnatural swaying away can further stress your respective lumbar erector spinae muscle, thus resulting in a sore lower back. Since your back also needs a break, wear those high pumps in one day and don your flats, especially the cushioned ones, the next. Keep your pointy spikes only for special occasions along with ensuring not to walk with them for longer periods of time.


Adding to all these, excess or daily usage of high heels can even result to Spondylolisthesis, especially around the lumbar region of your spine wherein the weight of your body is essentially concentrated. You can even suffer from Foraminal Stenosis, a typical spinal nerve condition occurring when anatomical abnormalities tend to block or even reduce space in either one or even more foramina. In your lower back, Foraminal Stenosis can actually result to the emergence of symptoms, basically of shooting pains, along with contributing to numbness, cramping, spasms as well as pain, radiating from the buttocks and crawling down to the legs.


High heels, devotees, your life and your health is yours. Thus, do think twice before you walk on those pointy ends.

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