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8 Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Today, in the fast moving world, there are many cases of different types of backaches. Most of the cases of back pain are because of stress and unhealthy postures. It is very necessary to maintain a healthy posture so that your back remains fit and fine. Bach ache remains an unavoidable discomfort for many of you. So here are 8 general tips to reduce back pain:

Maintain Good Posture
Since childhood, this thing has been taught that maintaining good posture is essential to keep your back and spine healthy. A sedentary lifestyle makes your back stiff and slouching makes it worse. Make sure you are sitting straight keeping your back upright.

Your laptop or system should be kept on or above your eye level. Also, try to get up once in every hour and walk instead of sitting for hours together.

Daily Exercise
It is very important to keep your body active. Make sure you take out some time from your schedule daily to make your body active and warmed up.

Sleep the Right Way
One major issue that causes back pain and is known to a very few people is sleeping posture and sleeping mattress. If you are suffering from back pain, make sure you buy the right mattress for yourself.

If you have a never-ending back pain, consult your doctor about the mattress and buy. In general, if you want to take a precaution, then better is to opt for a mattress that gives you a firm support. Memory foam mattress is highly recommended for people with back pain.

Monitor your weight
Being overweight also causes back pain, so eat healthy and stay fit. Keep a check on your BMI and exercise regularly.

Quit Smoking
Smoking is not only bad for your lungs but also might cause back pain. So, if you are a smoker, quit it.

Yoga and Meditation
Relieving your stress will also help you with relieving your back pain. Practice yoga and meditation techniques to relax your body and mind.

Apply Ice and Heat
Hot and cold packs, when done alternatively, are very effective, especially during an injury. Try both and if you are comfortable with one, continue with that.

Improve Lifting Techniques
It is very important to know that when you are bending to life something, it affects your back. Try to always bend your knees rather than the abs.

If you are suffering from an injury or you have a severe back pain, better is to consult a physiotherapist or a physician without any delay.

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