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A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Don’t miss these five healthy tips to abstain back pains

Today almost everyone in Delhi suffers from acute back pains. Entailing several reasons like prolonged working hours and improper postures, back pains can be seriously a real pain. But the good news is you can actually protect yourself and can prevent these pains, thus helping your back to stay in good condition. Keep a track on the following tips and you can keep your back pains at bay.

  • A Perfect Night’s Sleep

Sleep disturbances are one of the most common issues suffered by back pain sufferers. The more peaceful sleep you get, the more you shall be able to repair your strained muscles. A peaceful slumber is also a way out to soothe your inflamed joints. To get that good night’s sleep, a good and a comfortable bed is a must. Try experimenting with different comfortable sleeping positions. Try to sleep on your side on a firm surface. This can prevent any further curvature of your spine, which further can lead to back pain or can even worsen it. You can also try sleeping by keeping a pillow between your knees. Some people actually found this comfortable.

  • Gentle Workouts or Exercises

One of the worst mistakes that most people generally commit when they suffer from back pains is to rest. Resting is not always a good option. In fact, in some cases, resting can actually worsen your back pain, while decreasing your muscle strength. In such cases, try getting some walks, slow but easy walk. Regular exercise can help strengthening as well as stretching your muscles, which can further help in various back pains. However, before choosing any kind of exercise it would be better to get consulted with a good pain specialist.

  • Having a Healthy Weight

Lauri Grossman, the founder of the Department of Homeopathic Medicine at New York University, and a licensed chiropractor, says, “Having excess weight pulling on your back 24 hours a day except when you’re laying down is just bad news for the back.” Shedding few pounds can actually be equivalent to several medicines and vitamins as that help eradicating your back pains, if not forever, then at least for a good deal of time.

  • Natural Supplements

Grossman also goes ahead advising her patients recommending them to include 500 gms of glucosamine, to be taken thrice a day. She also recommends two teaspoons of flaxseed oil, 50 mgs of zinc and 2,000 mgs of Vitamin C to be taken per day. She further says, “”Those are the best supplements for back pain…and in terms of topical treatments, arnica gels and creams can be very helpful and won’t interfere with anything you’re taking. And they’re inexpensive, too.” However, before including them for a regular dosage, you should definitely consult your physician as every system and every pain can be different.

  • Use of Heat and Cold

The usage of heat and cold are one of the most effective methods of handling back pain. However, it is important to understand that you cannot simply apply heat or cold whenever you want. Cold therapy with the help of ice generally works good for inflammation, thus helping to reduce swelling. Contrary to this, applying heat via hot bottle or simply via heating pad can be apt for the reduction of cramping and muscle spasms.

Even after applying all these, if you suffer from a typical back pain, you should then consult a good pain specialist. Like migraine treatment in Delhi and like headache specialist in Delhi, there are several back pain specialists present in the national capital who can help you to get rid of your back pains in no time. Seek expert help and your back pains can be kept at bay.

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